Secured Data Copy

Air-Gapped Backup and DR Solution for AWS

Nimesa Technology, an innovative Cloud Data Management solution provider, lunches Air Gapped Backup and DR solution 2.0 for AWS workloads on world backup day.

 What is Air gapped Backup?

Air-gapped functionality creates and stores secure and immutable backup copy outside your current production AWS account in a secure vault account.

 Why it’s required?

Cyber attacks are a reality, Companies of any size big or small are prone to data breach and not immune to hacker’s interests. Estimates suggest that by 2021, cost of cyberattacks will hit $6 trillion. Creating and storing Air-gapped copy is the need of the hour. These copies can save organizations from corruption and deletion by ransomware, account hijacking, or intentional or unintentional deletion of a primary backup copy.

 Most of the ransomware targets the production environment and primary backups(which are mostly online and accessible from the production environment), so they can not be recovered and hackers get paid.

 How effective the Air Gap is?

In a cloud world, these copies are restored easily with different KMS keys in a production environment. Our mission is that no organization should pay ransom to access their own data. As you are never 100% secure, a robust Backup and DR process is the last line of defense.

 Check, CISA guideline on an air-gapped backup copy as a preventive measure for ransomware attack:

Nimesa has launched Comprehensive Air Gapped, Backup and DR solution for AWS. Try it for free and set up a demo or talk to our solution experts for more details.