Nimesa for MySQL

Simplified data protection for MySQL databases in the cloud.

Achieve near Zero RTO with clones.
Provision MySQL databases and servers instantly for Dev/Test and non recovery use cases.
Protect Master-Slave setup and quickly add a new slave to the existing setup without breaking a sweat.

Nimesa - MySQL
Auto-discover MySQL servers

Enable App-Aware in application policy and leave the Database discovery to us.

Instant backup

Instant backup by putting the databases in readlock mode and flushing the file system


Policy based backups with VSS based snapshots and log backup.

Instant Copies

Instant copies of database for Analytics, Test/Dev in minutes.

Auto clean old backups

Manage life cycle of the copies at the policy level & retain critical backups beyond retention cycle.

Restore databases instantly

Restore databases almost instantly no matter the size of the DB.

Pre & Post Scripts

Pre & Post Scripts are part of backup, restore and clone workflows.


Generate detailed database reports and monitor the live clones available for any databases created using Nimesa.

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Simple, instant data protection and copy data management solution.

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