NIMESA is a data virtualization and management solution which can transform various data center operations and can bring significant OPEX and CAPEX savings for use cases such as Cloud Data Backup\RecoveryCloud Data ProtectionFlat File backup, Test and Dev, Analytics, cloud migration, as a Test Data Management Tools, DR, etc.


  • Simple: Simple to deploy no additional hardware requirement. Software-only solution to manage all the use cases.
  • Cost Effective: Leverage existing primary storage capabilities. No hardware requirements, software licenses. Easy to manage.
  • Policy-Driven: Simple management. Policy-driven operations for Backup, DR automation and Test and Dev workloads.

Traditional backup solutions are slow, inefficient and generally, they have client server architecture where agents are installed in all the hosts and copy happens from there to the backup server. Backups are stressful to the servers and restore RTOs are in hours. NIMESA efficiently integrates with primary storage to provide instant application-aware backups without putting stress on the hosts. With efficient storage integration, NIMESA can achieve RTOs in < 15min and RPOs to a min.

Traditional Approach

Traditional Backup Approach

Nimesa Approach

Unlike traditional backup solutions where backups are used only for restores, NIMESA makes your backup productive by enabling to support multiple use cases. In a datacenter for every backup, there are around 8-10 copies made. NIMESA gives insight into the copies and reduces cost by associating expiry to the copies.

Test and Dev

Most of the time test and dev loose time in bringing up the infrastructure and copy of the data from backup. NIMESA helps you to bring the complete infrastructure instantly at zero cost.


Traditional backup software uses lot of time to bring up the environment. NIMESA with efficient integration with storage snapshot technology brings up the data for analytics workloads instantly.

Automated Copy Management

Without NIMESA customers would have to write their own scripts to manage copies periodically. NIMESA offers policy-based copy management that improves IT management with reduced cost on OPEX.

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Simple, instant data protection and copy data management solution.

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Simple, instant data protection and copy data management solution.

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