Nimesa Data Protection

Protection of VMware virtual machines in the backup group

Using Nimesa the Data protection software VMware Backup admins can protect the virtual machines of multiple deployments scenarios

Admins can protect

  • Individual VM on Single Datastore
  • Multiple VM on Single Datastore
  • One VM on multiple datastore
  • Multiple VM on multiple datastore

The data store can be iSCSI, FC volume or NFS share backed by the supported storage system

Individual VM on datastore

If the target virtual machine to be protected is on datastore of the supported storage system, Nimesa user can create a backup group for the VM and associate the application policy

The admins deploy a single virtual machine on the datastore or admin want to protect the only virtual machine in the datastore is the rare use case.

Sometimes admin may need to protect the single virtual machine in the datastore. Nimesa allows the admin to add a single virtual machine to the backup group whereas other virtual machines on the datastore will also be part of the snapshot while taking the backup.

Multiple VM on Datastore

Normally admins deploy multiple Virtual Machine in single datastore, they provision GBs to TBs size of datastore and create multiple virtual machines in that datastore ( oh no, VVOL changed the trend)

Backup admins can create a backup group with the Multiple VM on the datastore and start protecting it.

During the backup instead of taking multiple LUN / Share snapshot for each VM, Nimesa creates the snapshot of the LUN once for all the Virtual Machines resides on that LUN and stores the metadata for the restore or clone operations

VM on multiple datastore

It is not an uncommon scenario to create the VM’s with their virtual disks (.vmdk files) on different datastores. This is often the case for database servers, where the OS disk is on “slow” storage (e.g. an HDD ), but the database and log disks are on fast storage (e.g. SSD). Another option to distribute .vmdk files across different datastores is to use storage vMotion.

Nimesa identifies all the datastores and takes the snapshot of the datastore. The consistency of the virtual machine is handled through the VMware VM Quiesce snapshot or the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service

Multiple VM on multiple datastore

This is also not an uncommon scenario, you have multiple Virtual machines of the same type or you have a multi-tier application spread across multiple virtual machines on multiple datastore and you want to protect it as part of the le backup group.

Nimesa will identify all the datastore and take the LUN or Share snapshots on the storage system and persist the metadata of all the virtual machines in the database for the recovery or clone operations.