SSO ( AD / LDAP ) with Nimesa

Nimesa supports multiple users/tenants can be added by the Super Admin, the user can be authenticated using Local or Organization SSO LDAP Authentication methods.

Nimesa supports integration with Windows Server Active Directory and Open-LDAP

To use SSO with open LDAP / Microsoft ADFS :
· LDAP server should be registered with an account to list and import users.
· All users imported will be assigned with Admin privileges and will have
full privileges to add and manage vCenter, Storage or AWS Accounts
· After importing the user, the LDAP user can log in with their credential to Nimesa

Note: Nimesa will not store the LDAP server’s administrator credentials. It will only be used for importing user.

Advantages of Active Directory (AD) Integration

Integrating Nimesa to Active Directory significantly reduces administrative tasks. If an employee changes his or her AD password, passwords for Nimesa change automatically. Also, once she leaves the organization, deleting her ID from AD revokes access to Nimesa as well. This is a great advantage for large enterprises. This further reduces the overall risks involved with user management and strengthens the compliance levels of any organization.

Also, with AD integration, multiple user, audit and compliance level reports, such as “inactive user” and “users never logged on”, can also be extracted via PowerShell scripts.

With AD based authentication, life for end users becomes super simple. You, as an end user do not need to remember different passwords for all the applications you access. Just remember your AD ID and password, and log in to Nimesa and also the Instances / VM belongs to the AD group.