NIMESA for Pure Storage

Pure Storage is a leader in primary storage magic quadrant. Pure’s modern data experience provides all the storage services you need – block, VM, file, or object – to consolidate everything. Power your databases, virtual machines, containers, analytics, and webscale apps, with effortless all-flash shared accelerated storage performance and enterprise-grade availability.

Nimesa has integrated effectively with Pure Storage to protect your data in SAN & FC. Nimesa identifies replicated volumes, which makes it easy for storage admins to handle them more efficiently. Using Nimesa with Pure Storage not only boosts RPO/RTO but also reduces your datacenter’s TCO.

Instant Data Protection

Policy-based instant application-aware data protection. Using Pure Storage snapshots. Granular restores from a single file to the entire virtual machine.


Accelerate Application Development / Testing. Create a test/dev environment by cloning a production environment in a matter of a few seconds. Track copies and destroy based on policies.

DR Automation

Admin can create SLA policies to manage both primary and secondary snapshots and use them to clone instantly in DR environment. Instant failover and failback testing.


Admin can generate detailed reports on protection status, are they meeting the SLAs, how many copies are there and when are the copies expiring.

Data Protection

NIMESA for Pure Storage integrates with the Pure Storage system to provide efficient backups. It provides policy-based data protection and simple cost-efficient retention. NIMESA can manage retention in both primary and secondary storage. It provides flexible restore options, data can be recovered not only from primary storage volume but also from secondary volumes. Application-aware backup and restore via Pre and Post scripts for non-standard applications.


Copy Data Management

NIMESA manages Pure Storage snapshots in primary as well as replicated volumes. Unlike traditional solutions, it helps leverage the backups for various use cases like Test, Dev and analytics. Entire application stack can be brought up in non production environment for test and dev. Database masking can be done via post scripts.

DR Automation

NIMESA leverages the replication capabilities of Pure Storage. Admins can create DR policy with virtual machines and how the instances should be brought up in case of DR. NIMESA offers you the capability to periodically test DR policy like failover and failback tests.


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