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Today’s enterprise just not only needs a robust data protection solution but also needs to leverage the backups for various other workloads like test and dev, DevOps, analytics and reporting. NIMESA is a software-only solution that can be easily deployed in a virtual environment. NIMESA helps IT admin leverage storage capabilities at a lower TCO by seamlessly integrating with enterprise storages like:

  • Pure Storage
  • IntelliFlash
  • Nimble
  • HP-3PAR
  • Infinidat
  • NexentaStor


Data Protection and Recovery

With it’s policy-based automation and efficient integration with enterprise storage NIMESA offers application-aware snapshots. NIMESA eliminates the need to traditional backup software by leveraging storage snapshot and DR capabilities.

DR Automation

Main challenge for enterprise in DR is the ability to test periodically and provide an template to bring up the application in case of DR. NIMESA helps IT admin to create a blueprint for DR policy and by leveraging storage replication and clone technologies it provides capabilities to periodically test the DR scenario and bring the application up as per the policy.

Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach where some of the infrastructures resides on the cloud. NIMESA provides single pane of glass (SPOG) to manage cloud compute resources as well as on-premise machines.

Copy Data Management

NIMESA helps enterprise leverage snapshots for different uses. IT admin use snapshots for DR, recovery, test and dev, and reporting. NIMESA provides a single click automation for all the above scenarios and track them based on policy. Without NIMESA all of the steps are done with native scripts.

Test and Dev

Many enterprises have an agile development cycle wherewith the traditional approach most of the time is spent bringing up the infrastructure or bringing up the data from the backup. NIMESA automates all of these tasks and significantly reduces the time to bring up the environment.

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