Disaster Recovery Plan

The myth about the Disaster Recovery Plan: My business is still growing, I don’t need a Disaster Recovery solution yet. Moreover, I already do backups regularly

The disaster recovery plan is not matter of how big is your business and Infrastructure, it’s all about your criticality of data. Even if you use fewer EC2 instances but you have the critical application running if a disaster occurs your business goes down and your critical application becomes temporarily unavailable and you cannot serve your customers. this small outrage of service is the best way to say “goodbye” to your customers.

Cloud Server/network outages are wrecking balls, and it can happen with a dominant market player like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Maintaining backups regularly is the first step of Business continuity but you should ensure you have a proper disaster recovery plan in mind that brings your instances in case of any disaster in the region.

About Nimesa

Nimesa is an enterprise-class Application Aware data protection, cost management & copy data management solution for applications running on AWS. It uses native AWS capabilities like EBS snapshots capabilities to automatically protect the environment. Nimesa provides simple policy based lifecycle management of snapshots and clones of EC2 instances.

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