Secure MySQL Database Using Nimesa

Let’s figure how to easily secure MySQL database

MySQL server is a widely used database in the data centers. It is critical to secure the databases on a periodic basis. Backup forms an important day to day activity for administrators.

Most of the organization use a native backup solution to secure their MySQL instance. When the database size grows into TBs this is not a feasible solution as the backup times are in hours. Some of the large organizations are building custom solutions leveraging AWS Snapshots.

In this blog, we will see will how Nimesa can help in improving the backup process and provide an aggressive backup and restore SLAs.

Nimesa MySQL Backup Overview

Nimesa provides an instant backup of MySQL databases by using EBS snapshots. To make EBS snapshots application-consistent Nimesa provides an agent. Nimesa MySQL agent needs to be deployed in all the MySQL hosts. This agent needs to be installed as a “Local Service” account in windows and as a “root” user.

Nimesa makes the MySQL database consistent by putting the database in the read lock mode also freezing the file system during backup. Users can define the duration of the lock.

Databases are in a master-slave configuration, multiple backup groups can be created.  The master node can be placed in one backup group and filesystem, consistent backups can be taken.  Slave nodes can be placed in the different backup group and MySQL consistent backup can be taken.

Nimesa catalogs MySQL metadata and provides restores and clones of complete MySQL instances in minutes. Since the backup is Snapshot based, it is fast.

Create Application Policy

The first step is to create an application policy.

MYSQL Policy

Backup Group

Create a backup group by selecting the MySQL instances and associating the policies and schedules.  To backup MySQL database, Nimesa needs ‘root’ permissions.

Create Backup

List the newly created backup group select the schedule tab.  Against the schedule click, ‘Run Now’ option to trigger a backup.


Backup Progress

User can view the discovered database, MySQL version installed in the instance as part of backup list.

MySQL Backup List

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About Nimesa

Nimesa is an enterprise-class Application Aware data protection, cost management & copy data management solution for applications running on AWS. It uses native AWS capabilities like EBS snapshots capabilities to automatically protect the environment. Nimesa provides simple policy based lifecycle management of snapshots and clones of EC2 instances.

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